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Rankings for all team sports are done the same way. There are 3 ranking elements:

Skill: This ranking is based purely on your own team's average skill. For example, your baseball team has 5 skills. The average skill is the total of these 5 skills divided by 5. For Football and Hoops 2, your skill average is the average skill of your players. This ranking rewards the managers who train their teams frequently.

Performance: This ranking is based on your team's win percentage and the win percentages of the teams you have faced. Sometimes these rankings don't make sense until 5-10 games have been played. By the end of the season, they even out. This system rewards managers who set up their team's tactics and win games.

Composite: This ranking is used to determine entry into tournaments and rankings for the Ultimate Manager competition. This ranking is determined using the previous 2 ranking systems mentioned. It uses the average of the ranks. For example, if your team is ranked #5 in skill and #10 in performance, your composite ranking index is 5 + 10 = 15 / 2 = 7.5. Your ranking index of 7.5 is then compared against other teams ranking indexes and your final rank is determined by this order. Below is an example of how the composite rankings are determined:

Take 5 teams managed by Andy, Bill, John, Bob, and Jim. Below is a sample of their skill rankings and performance rankings.

1. Andy
2. Bill
3. John
4. Bob
5. Jim

1. Bob
2. Bill
3. John
4. Andy
5. Jim

So the composite ranking index for each would be their performance ranking + skill ranking / 2;

Composite Ranking Index
Bob = 1 + 4 / 2 = 2.5
Bill = 2 + 2 / 2 = 2.0
John = 3 + 3 / 3 = 3.0
Andy = 4 + 1 / 2 = 2.5
Jim = 5 + 5 / 2 = 5.0

So then the final overall ranking uses these indexes for ordering:
1. Bill 2.0
2. Bob 2.5
2. Andy 2.5
4. John 3.0
5. Jim 5.0

Why did I win a game and drop in the rankings?
Since the rankings are determined using a variety of variables, a win doesn't necessarily mean you will move up in the rankings. A team may have improved their skill more than yours (thereby increasing their skill ranking) or you may have faced a poor team (thereby possibly decreasing your performance ranking).

Why did I lose to a team ranked way below me?
Even the best teams in the world sometimes lose. It all depends on the match-up. While there is a small element of randomness with every simulated game, the majority of the time the result of a game comes down to the skills of each team
, the tactics selected for the game, and the match-up of skills between teams. Keep in mind, even the Lakers lose to the Clippers every now and then.

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