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I am confused about bonuses.

I am confused about schedules.

I am confused about rankings.

Playasport was developed to simulate the managing skills involved with sports teams and athletes. You become the manager of your own team or athlete and are solely responsible for all tactical decisions and skill development.

Playasport is NOT Fantasy Sports. We use statistical models to weigh your team's or athlete's skills and create a simulated game score based on skill and tactical decisions. The objective of managing your team/athlete is to maximize your skill and thereby give yourself a greater chance of winning.

It is important to note that a team with superior skill in all categories will not necessarily win if they make poor tactical decisions while their opponent makes advantageous tactical decisions. Here at Playasport, we want you to feel a part of the action.

Playasport has a few rules:

1. Users can only have one login each.
2. Users support our advertisers to keep the site free.
3. Users are considerate and exhibit sportsmanship just like in real-life.

We hope you enjoy the site, please send us feedback if you have any additional questions/suggestions.


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